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free cover gallery

Give your customers a reason to visit your site each week. Convert your weekly shipping list to a store-specific and customizable cover gallery. Posted on your site's web page, cover galleries contain the covers and titles for your new releases, including multi-page previews.

pull list

Automate and archive your customers' weekly pulls with our Online Pull List. Your customers can browse a full catalog and create interactive and sortable listings of available comics and comics-related merchandise on the comiXology site. As a retailer, you can create weekly pull lists, starting orders, and find and modify customer information on an ongoing basis.


Enjoy the benefits of a fully-customizable website made just for comic book retailers, with comiXology-powered listings and flexible features and pages, allowing your customers unprecedented access to new releases, events and features.

See some sample sites.


Let your customers purchase from the largest digital comics selection through your storefront. Customers can buy and read directly on your website. Compatible with the Comics by comiXology platform, readers can enjoy their choice of digital comics on mobile devices and online through your store.

What Our Clients Say

"It's clear by now, with how excited my customers are to browse new titles and make additions to their pull lists at home, at work, and on their iPhones, that these retailer tools are going to be great addition to our growing business. Thanks for that, comiXology. The first round is on me!"

"The site has been bringing in so much business I would actually pay quite a bit more! Really a great product."

"We've been using comiXology's Pull List Services for over five months and haven't lost anyone to digital comics. Also, our sales have gone up. We love it, it's been great."

comiXology Retailer Tools

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  • Store Locator
  • Cover Gallery
  • Digital Storefront
Pull List Tools $30-40/month
  • Online Pull list
  • Weekly updated comic feeds
  • All basic features
Comicshop Website $60-80/month
  • Online Pull list
  • Comicshop Website
  • All basic & plus features
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Just a few more good reasons to register now!

Store locator

Add your store to comiXology's searchable database of comic retailers—the most extensive in the world. You can update store information—including hours of operation, address, and contact details—at any time, on a secure basis.

Store locator
Cover Gallery

cover gallery

Convert your weekly shipping list to a store-specific and customizable Cover Gallery. Posted on your site's Web page, Cover Galleries contain an abundance of information about selected new releases, including multi-page previews.


Automate and archive your weekly pulls with an Online Pull List. Users can create interactive and sortable listings of available comics and comics-related merchandise on your site. As a retailer, you can store and maintain customer information on an ongoing basis.

Comic store website

Comicshop website

comiXology has created Comicshop Website for its Premium members. Its capabilities include everything that your store will need for a powerful and effective online presence, while giving you ample opportunity to optimize for your unique store.


Your Website in a Box platform contains a Blog feature, with which you can keep your customers informed about store events, new releases, and new favorites. In addition, your store's Blog will allow you to communicate online with your customers.



Maintain, change, add and delete subscriptions and contact information, and keep customers apprised of new and forthcoming releases.


Generate messages and notifications for everyone on your customer list. E-mail Blasts ensure that word gets spread to to all e-mail subscribers about anything that you wish: special events, product sales, store news, and much more.

Digital Affiliate Program

Digital Storefront

Maximize the opportunities in digital media. By partnering your existing Web presence with comiXology, Your customers can buy and read digital comics directly on your website.

Compatible with most web browsers & mobile devices
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